Online e-commerce marketplace company

Online E-commerce marketplace

Online e-commerce marketplace company IT is a social networking platform that enables consumers to shop for international brands on local sites and apps E-COMMERCE Scroll down PROJECT DESCRIPTION What was needed was a high-load system based on the client’s worldwide connectivity. This system had to include both the B2C and C2C aspects to enable the […]

Manufacturing Execution System for BAT

MANUFACTURING EXECUTION SYSTEM Manufacturing Execution System and Laboratory Information Management System development ERPMANUFACTURINGSAP Scroll down PROJECT DESCRIPTION MES and LIMS system were created for the tobacco factory, which is part of the international company included in the Global TOP 3.  The system is implemented and used at all stages of the production cycle, from the […]


eValuator DEVELOPMENT OF INDICATOR EFFECTIVENESS CALCULATOR MANUFACTURING Scroll down PROJECT DESCRIPTION A tool for calculating the effectiveness of financial indicators and attracting investments in various projects. BUSINESS GOAL Development of indicator effectiveness calculator. Assessment of the need for investment and the availability of the necessary conditions for the investment implementation. FEATURES API development. Development of […]

Merchant Tracker

Merchant Tracker DISTRIBUTION MONITORING AND ACCOUNTING SYSTEM EDUCATION, ENTERTAINMENT AND MEDIA Scroll down PROJECT DESCRIPTION Route planning and fast calculation of current indices of each employee and whole teams in different territories. BUSINESS GOAL An “all-in-one” instrument for distributors. Less paperflow. Automation of optimal routes and assignment of distributors responsibility zones. Motivation of team members […]


Zfone CROSS-PLATFORM ENCRYPTION SOFTWARE FOR VOIP TELEPHONY MANUFACTURING Scroll down PROJECT DESCRIPTION Zfone is software that ensures the security of voice traffic passing through a digital audio link. The application detects when a call starts, initiates a cryptographic key agreement between the two parties, then continues to encrypt and decrypt the voice packets during the […]

MPM Solution

MPM Solution SOFTWARE FOR MONITORING THE SERVICES OF NETWORK IP COMMUNICATIONS OPERATORS MANUFACTURING Scroll down PROJECT DESCRIPTION A comprehensive solution for monitoring and analyzing the multiprotocol environment of network communications operators. BUSINESS GOAL Analysis of a multiprotocol environment to ensure great customer experience and speed troubleshooting: VoIP (Call & Media), SS7 (ISUP), Mobile Broadband (CDMA, […]


Recargapay MOBILE TOP-UP APPLICATION MANUFACTURING Scroll down PROJECT DESCRIPTION RecargaPay is a Windows Phone application for recharging mobile accounts of the leading mobile operators in Brazil and Latin America. BUSINESS GOAL Since the Android and iOS versions have been already implemented, the main task was to develop the same application for Windows Phone 8 and […]

ScanWord Pro

ScanWord Pro APPLICATION FOR GENERATING CROSSWORD PUZZLES EDUCATION, ENTERTAINMENT AND MEDIA Scroll down PROJECT DESCRIPTION ScanWord Pro was designed as a tool for a crossword publishing company. BUSINESS GOAL Automation of crossword puzzle generation by an application for Windows XP (SP2-SP3), which works with WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and has a convenient user interface. FEATURES […]


SPC MANUFACTURING PROCESS ANALYSIS SOFTWARE MANUFACTURING Scroll down PROJECT DESCRIPTION An application for modeling production infrastructure and analyzing manufacturing processes in real-time – from ore mining to loading it onto ships at port. BUSINESS GOAL The development of SPC was ordered by a leading international mining group. The application is aimed at improving the efficiency […]

Public Transport Application

Public Transport Application APPLICATION FOR DISPLAYING PUBLIC TRANSPORT SCHEDULE LOGISTIC & SUPPLY CHAIN Scroll down PROJECT DESCRIPTION Porting of the application for displaying public transport schedule to Raspberry Pi. BUSINESS GOAL The client-server application to inform citizens about the schedule of public transport in real time has already been developed. Both parts of the application, […]