Legal Alarm

Legal Alarm SERVICE FOR EMERGENCY LAWYER ASSISTANCE MANUFACTURING Scroll down PROJECT DESCRIPTION Legal Alarm is an application for an emergency call to a lawyer with one button click. It can be helpful in case of a sudden search, detention, interrogation or other situations when law assistance is necessary. BUSINESS GOAL A solution that would provide […]

Find a Pair

Find a Pair APPLICATION FOR LEARNING A FOREIGN LANGUAGE EDUCATION, ENTERTAINMENT AND MEDIA Scroll down PROJECT DESCRIPTION Find A Pair is a simple game to memorize foreign words, their meanings, and translation. During the game, a user opens cards to see what is written or displayed on them and tries to find all pairs of […]

Soft Industry AR Demo

Soft Industry AR Demo DEMO APPLICATION WITH 3D ANIMATION EDUCATION, ENTERTAINMENT AND MEDIA Scroll down PROJECT DESCRIPTION Augmented reality application for mobile devices which can “animate” various objects. When a user points the camera at a special mark they will see three-dimensional animation and can even interact with objects on the screen. While rotating devices […]


Lazar VIRTUAL CITY GUIDE EDUCATION, ENTERTAINMENT AND MEDIA Scroll down PROJECT DESCRIPTION Lazar is a cross-platform mobile application that is used as a virtual guide for city tours. It’s a social project that was implemented in collaboration with the Chernihiv Regional Pedagogical Prep School or Gifted Youth. BUSINESS GOAL The application allows users to find […]

Fashion Fellows

Fashion Fellows APPLICATION FOR SELLING OR EXCHANGING THINGS ON THE INTERNET EDUCATION, ENTERTAINMENT AND MEDIA Scroll down PROJECT DESCRIPTION An alternative approach to fashion that helps users to be stylish, save money, and at the same time take part in reducing resource consumption on the planet. The applications allows users to publish items, their description […]

Screen Collab

Screen Collab SCREEN SHARING SOLUTION MANUFACTURING Scroll down PROJECT DESCRIPTION An application to share the desktop and selected windows and applications during online conferences. BUSINESS GOAL An application for convenient collaboration by demonstrating screens or individual programs. FEATURES Compressed data transmission for increased speed. Multiple options fullscreen, window, or application sharing. Remote control compatible. Displaying […]


Hermes SOFTWARE COMPLEX FOR DISTRIBUTOR ACTIVITY AUTOMATION MANUFACTURING Scroll down PROJECT DESCRIPTION Software complex for automation of distributor activity and to help companies to deal with wholesale distribution. BUSINESS GOAL A package of mobile application for sales agents and web application for supervisors. Optimization of sales agent work. Formation, display and tracking of routes of […]


Alviss WEB SERVICE FOR DATA STORAGE AND MANAGEMENT MANUFACTURING Scroll down PROJECT DESCRIPTION An effective tool for sales department, a full-fledged reference book of a company’s experience and resources. A package solution for cataloging of different data types. BUSINESS GOAL Organization of company information. Convenient information search of different categories (staff members, technologies, projects etc.). […]


RDT600 DATA VISUALIZATION SYSTEM FROM TECHNOLOGICAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING Scroll down PROJECT DESCRIPTION Allows to monitor the state of equipment in real time from all areas of production environment. BUSINESS GOAL Data collection from equipment sensors during adjustment, operation, and maintenance. Maintain equipment in operable condition, prevent accidents and emergencies. Issue products according to schedule. FEATURES […]


Magnifier PLATFORM FOR LINGUISTIC ANALYSIS BASED ON AI MANUFACTURING Scroll down PROJECT DESCRIPTION The platform is used for analysis and comparison of CVs and vacancies. Specialized algorithms of linguistic analysis are used to put CVs and vacancies in a template form. An ideal tool for routine HR work. BUSINESS GOAL Data comparison using AI groundwork. […]