Geo service for medication search


A web service providing detailed information on pharmaceutical goods and services in chemist’s shops/pharmacies near a user.
This is an ideal example of IT-technologies introduction into pharmacy and medicine.


Business goal

  • Increase in sales and customer loyalty for involved partners
  • Engagement of chemist’s shops/pharmacies and retail networks


  • An intellectual prompt system marks nearby chemist’s shops/pharmacies after a search query
  • Booking system and/or a customer’s call-center
  • A flexible filter system for medication search in chemist’s shops/pharmacies
  • 24/7 information on availability, price, and sales terms of medications in chemist’s shops/pharmacies
  • Automatic definition of user location via GPS or by a pre-set location, and routing to chosen point


  • Increase the number of new contracts with pharmacy or chemist’ networks within a year of the start of service
  • Increase in income from sales via the service
  • Encouragement and retainment of existing partners with custom solutions accessible only by them

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