Meeting New Experience: Mobile Apps Expand Touristic and Business Horizons

Travel not only produces nice pictures for social networks, but it’s also one of the largest economic sectors, with a market capitalization of trillions of dollars. Therefore, this field seems good ground for launching new, more technological services. People spend time on an average of nine different mobile applications per day and 30 per month, […]

Sales promotion System

A service to create interactive presentations of different products with the help of mobile devices.

Internet Radio

A mobile application for listening to radio stations on the Internet.


A simple and convenient application for coffee lovers. Detailed information on coffee varieties and flavors compiled into an interactive encyclopedia.

Taxi Service

A mobile service for taxi search, calling and payment in the form of applications for drivers and passengers.

Delivery Service

Application to search for and request a courier, and payment for delivery services.

City Guide

Interactive city handbook containing main sights and all the services necessary for a tourist.

Fashion Fellows

An alternative approach to fashion that helps users to be stylish, save money, and at the same time take part in reducing resource consumption on the planet. The applications allows users to publish items, their description and location, search by category, and join the community. The mobile application has a built-in chat feature and the […]


Lazar is a cross-platform mobile application that is used as a virtual guide for city tours. It’s a social project that was implemented in collaboration with the Chernihiv Regional Pedagogical Prep School or Gifted Youth.