A tool for calculating the effectiveness of financial indicators and attracting investments in various projects

Off-the-shelf vs Custom Software: What Solution to Choose for Your Business

In 2019 more and more tasks in everyday life and in business are being solved with the help of technology. While at home a Wi-Fi kettle begins to heat water with a smartphone signal, in manufacturing chatbots transmit data from sensors to employees, and CRM systems remind you to call a client on time. At […]

TOP 5 trends that change the hospitality business

Services in such areas as banking, retail, healthcare, education, tourism have changed significantly over the past 10 years. They have become more convenient, fast, personalized. In this article we will focus on the hospitality industry, in particular hotels, cafes, restaurants (HoReCa). This area traditionally implies close communication with consumers, including foreigners. Its dynamism and global […]

Advanced business organizer

“Corporate action cross business inteligence” is a platform for decision making by shareholders. It allows stakeholders and placement owners to respond fast to market events and give brokers their decisions on share buying and selling.


The platform is used for analysis and comparison of CVs and vacancies. Specialized algorithms of linguistic analysis are used to put CVs and vacancies in a template form. An ideal tool for routine HR work.

Smart Insight

A system for the creation and analysis of complex business models and decision making; modeling of chemical processes, discrete events, economic fluxes are also supported. Automated data analysis, display of results in graphic form.


Allows to monitor the state of equipment in real time from all areas of production environment.


An effective tool for sales department, a full-fledged reference book of a company’s experience and resources. A package solution for cataloging of different data types.


Software complex for automation of distributor activity and to help companies to deal with wholesale distribution.


A system for the control of industrial processes and the automation of industrial quality control.