Meeting New Experience: Mobile Apps Expand Touristic and Business Horizons

Travel not only produces nice pictures for social networks, but it’s also one of the largest economic sectors, with a market capitalization of trillions of dollars. Therefore, this field seems good ground for launching new, more technological services. People spend time on an average of nine different mobile applications per day and 30 per month, […]

TOP 5 trends that change the hospitality business

Services in such areas as banking, retail, healthcare, education, tourism have changed significantly over the past 10 years. They have become more convenient, fast, personalized. In this article we will focus on the hospitality industry, in particular hotels, cafes, restaurants (HoReCa). This area traditionally implies close communication with consumers, including foreigners. Its dynamism and global […]


A simple and convenient application for coffee lovers. Detailed information on coffee varieties and flavors compiled into an interactive encyclopedia.


A full-scale system for restaurants of any level with a focus on comfort for visitors and administrators of public places: online booking, pre-order of dishes, stop-list menu and customer base.