Sales promotion System

A service to create interactive presentations of different products with the help of mobile devices.

Merchant Tracker

Route planning and fast calculation of current indices of each employee and whole teams in different territories.

Enlightenment tool

A media-system package for educational institutions. It increases educational effectiveness through gamification and usage of media-content. Gives the teacher full control over the education process.

Internet Radio

A mobile application for listening to radio stations on the Internet.

City Guide

Interactive city handbook containing main sights and all the services necessary for a tourist.

Fashion Fellows

An alternative approach to fashion that helps users to be stylish, save money, and at the same time take part in reducing resource consumption on the planet. The applications allows users to publish items, their description and location, search by category, and join the community. The mobile application has a built-in chat feature and the […]


Lazar is a cross-platform mobile application that is used as a virtual guide for city tours. It’s a social project that was implemented in collaboration with the Chernihiv Regional Pedagogical Prep School or Gifted Youth.

Soft Industry AR Demo

Augmented reality application for mobile devices which can “animate” various objects. When a user points the camera at a special mark they will see three-dimensional animation and can even interact with objects on the screen. While rotating devices around the mark, the animation object can be viewed from different angles.

Find a Pair

Find A Pair is a simple game to memorize foreign words, their meanings, and translation. During the game, a user opens cards to see what is written or displayed on them and tries to find all pairs of words in the least number of clicks.

ScanWord Pro

ScanWord Pro was designed as a tool for a crossword publishing company.