Manufacturing process analysis software


An application for modeling production infrastructure and analyzing manufacturing processes in real-time – from ore mining to loading it onto ships at port.


Business goal

  • The development of SPC was ordered by a leading international mining group
  • The application is aimed at improving the efficiency of iron ore production by identifying and efficiently eliminating bottlenecks in equipment performance


  • Detailed analytical display of key equipment performance indicators
  • Ability to predict failures
  • Setting equipment performance indicators with the ability to set their threshold values, set the priority of rules
  • Managing user access to the system
  • Multi-level model of production infrastructure, presented in the form of a hierarchy of components
  • Alarm statistics for each hierarchy level and the whole system
  • Detailed review of problem areas in the form of graphs and tables


  • Increase in revenue up to 20% due to timely troubleshooting of equipment performance
  • Advanced monitoring and control of the entire process
  • Up-to-date data every 60 seconds
  • Visualization of information on production processes

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