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A system for creation and analysis of complex business models and decision making; modeling of chemical processes, discrete events, economical fluxes are also supported. Automated data analysis, display of results in graphic form.

Smart Insight

Business goal

  • Possibility of modeling of complex processes (chemical reactions, business processes etc.)
  • Automation of data analysis process with a possibility of display in graphic form
  • Reduction of time and resources for keeping of account and statistical data


  • Catalogue of productive assets has an hierarchical structure
  • Allows creation of models of chemical processes, discrete events, economical fluxes.
  • Generator of “What if” scenarios allows to investigate models behavior with a variety of variants of background parameters.
  • Possibility to use historical and current data to forecast
  • Visualization of analytical information in the form of graphs


  • Saving of enterprise resources due to significant simplification of decision making process
  • Reduction of costs for production by 10%. Ineffective decisions are removed before implementation into production

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