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ScanWord Pro was designed as a tool for a crossword publishing company.

ScanWord Pro

Business goal

  • Automation of crossword puzzle generation by an application for Windows XP (SP2-SP3), which works with WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and has a convenient user interface.


  • Ability to create puzzles templates (grids) by specifying the location and size of various elements, such as empty zones, zones for illustrations, patterns, etc.
  • Ability to choose a topic and a difficulty level
  • Harmonious ratio of long and short words
  • No duplicated words and definitions
  • The size of a template from 3×3 to 100×100 cells
  • Editing and exporting puzzles in Adobe InDesign


  • Possibility to generate up to 150 crossword puzzles per day, using templates and customizing them
  • Average puzzle generation speed – 1 puzzle in 7 minutes
  • Reduction in time and financial costs of publishing crossword puzzles for commercial purposes

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