Mobile top-up application


RecargaPay is a Windows Phone application for recharging mobile accounts of the leading mobile operators in Brazil and Latin America.


Business goal

  • Since the Android and iOS versions have been already implemented, the main task was to develop the same application for Windows Phone 8 and integrate it with the existing API.


  • Users sign up through Facebook or Live ID
  • Monthly automatic top-up
  • Payments via credit or debit cards
  • Built-in shopping options (cell phones, accessories etc.)
  • Notifications indicating the order status
  • Usage of Sterling NoSQL as a caching solution
  • Integration with Google Analytics event tracking (GATC)
  • Multilingual interface settings


  • The solution consists of two key modules: input data (login, card data, phone number, mobile operator) and a top-up mechanism.
  • The application is integrated with the Rest API that helps to save all important data and speedily add a credit to the selected mobile phone account

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