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Application for displaying public transport schedule

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Porting of the application for displaying public transport schedule to Raspberry Pi.

Public Transport Application

Business goal

  • The client-server application to inform citizens about the schedule of public transport in real time has already been developed. Both parts of the application, client and server, were implemented on .NET
  • The server application exchanges data on bus or metro schedules between transport companies. The client application takes data from the server and displays it on monitors located throughout the city
  • The task was to transfer the existing functionality of the client’s application from .Net to Java so that it could work on the new OS
  • The main goal is to reduce equipment costs, so it was decided to use Raspberry PI, the cost of which is significantly lower than the cost of previously used computers


  • The application connects to the server via the Ethernet port, receives data in XML format and displays it on the monitor via the HDMI port
  • To configure the application, the XML file can be edited outside of Raspberry, and then copied to disk
  • Before creating a Java application, we analyzed the risk of poor performance on the new platform to avoid possible failures


  • Reduction in customer equipment costs.

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