Virtual city guide


Lazar is a cross-platform mobile application that is used as a virtual guide for city tours. It’s a social project that was implemented in collaboration with the Chernihiv Regional Pedagogical Prep School or Gifted Youth.


Business goal

  • The application allows users to find the historic sights of a city on a map and listen to interesting facts about them using the built-in audio player
  • Users can also view photos and read information about these places


  • Integration with Google Maps services
  • Playing streaming audio from the server
  • Using encryption to communicate with the server
  • Built-in audio player and QR scanner
  • Interacting with the server using the Web API


  • Application for the development of the tourism industry in cities. Users can find QR codes near landmarks and scan them using the QR scanner in the application to get access to all information and audio

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