Software complex for distributor activity automation


Software complex for automation of distributor activity and help for companies dealing with wholesale distribution.


Business goal

  • A complex of mobile application for sales agents and web-application for supervisors;
  • Optimization of sales agents work;
  • Formation, display and tracking of routes of sales agents in GPS coordinates system;


  • Easy access to drawing-up of an application;
  • Debit debts and payments receipt;
  • Real-time monitoring of execution of allotted tasks.
  • Integration with accounting systems (1C Enterprise, Galaktika, Parus, BEST etc.).


  • Growth of sales agents work efficiency by 20%
  • Reduction of costs for customers support by 20%
  • Reduction of costs for control and monitoring of tasks execution;
  • Contraction of time for tasks assignment and increase of daily communication efficiency.

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