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A package media-system for educational institutions. It allows to increase education effectiveness due to gamification and usage of media-content. Provision of full teacher control over the education process.

Enlightenment tool

Business goal

  • Increase children education effectiveness due to gamification and usage of media-content
    -Create a tool for remote education of children
  • Diminish usage of paper media in the educational process with the help of IT-solutions, facilitate teachers work
  • Create a product interesting for investment of education ministries of all the countries of the world


  • A system for control over educational content
    Distribution of teachers by classes with a possibility to give homework in a media-class
  • Control of users access to the system’s functions
  • Control of access to files with a possibility to add more files
    Collection and analysis of anonymous statistic data on the used content for improvement of education quality
    Content protection from downloading for observance of copyright


A modern tool with all the educational materials
Increase of educational programs effectiveness
A possibility to use the system without access to the Internet

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