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“Corporate action cross business inteligence” is a platform for decision making by shareholders. It allows stakeholders and placement owners to respond fast to market events and give brokers their decisions on share buying and selling.

Advanced business organizer

Business goal

  • Creation of a tool for fast response to placement market events
  • Facilitate communication between shareholders and their brokers
  • Possibility to control the tool through mobile application
  • Creation of a convenient service for brokers


  • Full set of corporate actions (>60)
  • Multifunctional access control for user profiles (custodian, broker, shareholder etc.)
  • A convenient notification system (push, e-mail, sms)
  • Built-in tools for analysis and retrospective review


  • An effective tool for control over your valuable assets
  • Increase of profitability due to live analysis of current situation and reaction speed
  • A mobile application and notification system helps to always be aware of current market conditions

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