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The SPC software was created for a leading international mining group to prevent the equipment reliability issues and increase the overall production capacity.   

The system visualizes, models and analyzes the production infrastructure in the real-time mode, allows considering key equipment indicators, the dynamics of changes and predicting possible failures. 

The application consists of such modules, as: 

  • Data collection mechanism that gathers statistics from the 3d party services  
  • SQL Server database for the system configuration and aggregated data storage 
  • WCF RIA Services for the system data processing 
  • Silverlight UI for the statistical data display/navigation and system configuration. 

The SPC application allows:

  • building a multi-level production infrastructure model, represented as a hierarchy of components; 
  • analysing operations runtime, equipment downtime, as well as overall assets condition;
  • receiving alarms statistics for each hierarchy level and for the whole system in general;
  • getting up-to-date information every 60 seconds;
  • visualizing current status of the target system assets: error-free (green), warning (orange) and error (red);
  • calculating the actual state of the system assets (there are 12 rules for each component the priority of which can be easily customized by a user, this algorithm has target values for parameters and rules violations);
  • configuring equipment performance parameters, setting threshold limits and rules priorities;
  • controlling users access level to the system;
  • studying problem areas, viewing and analyzing statistics in graph and datasheet modes:   
    • The Response time graph displays the average indicator value, rules, values violations and possible deviations.  
    • The Downtime analysis page shows the exceeding the downtime threshold values for the "Warning" and "Failure" conditions.  
    • The Condition monitoring page displays changes for the equipment performance parameters, rules violations and deviations from the norm.  
    • The Alarm monitoring page shows 25 components with the highest alarm amount for the last 24 hours.  




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