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RecargaPay is a Windows Phone application for fast mobile top-ups. Developed for a leading top-up platform in Brazil and Latin America, it allows locally recharging balance from any operator in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico or the USA. 

Since the Android and iOS versions have been already implemented, the main task was to develop the same application for Windows Phone 8 and integrate it with the existing API. 

Consisting of two key modules: input data (login, card data, telephone number, operator) and a top-up mechanism, the application is also integrated with the REST API that keeps all important data and allows adding a credit to the selected account in a few seconds.

Project features

  • Users sign up via Facebook or Live ID 
  • Monthly automatic top-up 
  • Payments via credit or debit cards 
  • Built-in shopping options (cell phones, accessories etc.) 
  • Wallet with credits, cards and receipts 
  • Order status notifications
  • Sterling NoSQL is used as a caching solution
  • Integration with Google Analytics Event Tracking
  • Multilingual interface settings.




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