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Delivery Service

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Delivery Service is a client-server application for searching and calling a courier, and paying for services. The project includes the development of mobile applications for couriers and clients on Android and iOS, interacting with the back-end through the RESTful API.

The service combines many functions for each user role and administrator. Especially, we should mention the binding of a bank card, which allows adding card data to the application once and not worrying about paying for the work done.

The application for clients allows specifying places where to pick up a parcel from and deliver to. For better visual expression Google cartographic service is used. A user can specify the details of delivery, including comments at the points of reception and delivery of the parcel. The client can track the movement of a courier on the map in the application in real time.

The application for couriers allows taking orders, even when working in the stand-by mode (push-notifications are used). The user interface is convenient and clear, which makes it possible to concentrate on the execution of the order instead of studying the algorithms of work with the service. Delivery is considered completed after confirmation of the package reception by a special code from SMS.

The administrator has a convenient mechanism for accessing the parameters and statistics of the system using a web-admin site. The website allows managing couriers and receiving order statistics, setting up tariff plans and manually managing controversial orders.

Main technical characteristics of the service:

  • Use of long-pool queries in the API to reduce the load on the server
  • Integration with Google Mapping Services
  • Continuous work in the stand-by mode
  • Integration of payment systems via API
  • Own financial unit for processing complex transactions

During the implementation of this project, our team has solved a number of difficult tasks, including:

  • Optimization of algorithms and API to ensure the smooth operation of applications and the server while using slow mobile Internet;
  • Implementation of the financial unit, integration with payment processing systems;
  • Implementation of atypical elements of the user interface of mobile applications

Platform: Server, Web, Mobile

OS: iOS, Android, Linux

Programming languages: Java, JavaScript, Objective-C

Frameworks / Libraries: Butterknife, CoreAnimation, CoreGraphics, CoreLocation, Crashlytics, Eventbus, Google API, Yandex API, Gradle, Gson, Hibernate, JAX-RS, Jersey, Mailgun API, OkHttp, Parceler, Picasso,  RestKit, Retrofit, Retrolambda, Spring Quartz, Spring Security

Technologies: Geo-location (Yandex, Google), Fin-tech,  High-load, Background mode, Push notifications, REST API


  • 2 Java Developers
  • 1 Android Developer
  • 1 iOS Developer
  • 1 JavaScript Developer
  • 1 QA Manager + 1 Manual Tester
  •  1 PM + 1 Team Lead + 1 System Architect
  • 1 System Administrator




Web development
Mobile Apps Development
Testing & QA
System architecture development