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RDT 600

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RDT600 allows tracking and visualizing scanning systems' performance for their diagnostics during installation and support.

Project features

  • Data visualization in the form of charts and graphs for each separate system and for the whole enterprise in general.
  • Multi-level enterprise structure that consists of the enterprise itself, worksite and system levels.
  • Usage of the bar-code and QR code scanners, cameras and sensors for objects identification, their size and weight detection in the data collecting system.   
  • High application performance with the opportunity to connect up to 100 data collecting systems to the central server via local network.
  • Auto checkout for the system and separate elements readout rate.
  • Alarm threshold for the data reading speed control.
  • Complex appliance of numerous technologies, like JavaScript and Ajax, in the UI for the implementation of the Rich Internet Application.

Project challenges 

While working on this project, we have faced two main challenges: unstable UI operation, since Internet Explorer was crashing under the frequent server polling and insufficient requests processing speed for data sampling and insert. 

In the first case, there were 5 different server poll timeouts defined in the application UI. Therefore, we have reduced their number and substituted iFrames with the  content-based AJAX.

To improve the requests processing speed and data insert, we have initially used the Table Partitioning technology and the BATCH INSERT command. Later on, the COPY command together with the temporary files creation on RAMDrive was applied to get top results.




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