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The mobile application CityGuide was developed to help residents and guests of Chernihiv easily find necessary places.

It is a map of the city where places, providing various services, are marked, including shops, hotels, etc. All objects fall into categories and are indicated by corresponding icons. Using this application users can quickly find restaurants, shops, petrol stations, hospitals, etc., read detailed information about them and the services they provide, view photos, leave their feedback, learn opinions of other people. It is also possible to build an auto or walking rout to a selected destination.

Management of objects, their descriptions and classification is carried out with the help of an admin panel. It allows creating, editing and blocking objects, as well as moderating reviews.

Technical features of the application:

  • built-in city map
  • navigation functionality and display of a user's current location
  • search by keywords and categories
  • functionality of building auto and walking routes
  • support of multi-language interface
  • interaction with a server via API

The main challenge during the project implementation was optimizing speed of work with big quantity of objects for displaying them on a map without cashing or saving locally. To solve this issue, we improved the structure of data sent via API from the server part of the app.

Platform: Mobile

OS: iOS, Android

Programming languages: C#, PHP

Frameworks / Libraries: SQLite, Newtonsoft.Json, Xamarin.Forms.Maps, Xamarin.GooglePlayServices.Analytics, Plugin.Geolocator, Xamarin.Forms, .Net Framework 4.5

Technologies: MVVM pattern, Google API, XAML


  • 2 Xamarin Developers
  • 1 PHP Developer
  • 2 UI/UX Designers
  • 1 Front-end Developer
  • 2 Manual Testers




Mobile Apps Development
UX/UI Design
Testing & QA