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Find a Pair

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Find a Pair is a simple memory game aimed at remembering foreign words, their meanings and translations. While playing users turn over cards to see what is written or depicted on them and try to find all pairs of words with the least number of clicks.

The application is implemented in two languages: English and Russian, and is available on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.


Technical features:

  • Integration with Google custom search on Android
  • Use of NoSQL DBMS for Android
  • Implementation of a ListView with alphabetical scrollbar
  • Interactive Help
  • Interesting animations

The main challenge, which we faced during work on this application, was the implementation of the interactive Help but we coped with it by applying several layers.

Platform: Mobile

OS: iOS 8.0+, Android 4.4+

Programming languages: Objective-C, Java

Frameworks / Libraries: UIKit, CocoaTouch, CoreData, Fabric, Crashlytics, Realm, Parceler, Firebase Ads, Google Custom Search, OkHttp, Retrolambda, JUnit, Mockito

Technologies: Adaptive UI, Autolayout, NoSQL, MVP, Unit testing, Java8, Databinding, Stream API, Lambda


  • 2 Android Developers
  • 1 iOS Developer
  • 1 UI / UX Designer
  • 2 Manual Tester
  • 1 PM




Mobile Apps Development
UX/UI Design
Testing & QA