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Parcel Tracker

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The project is implemented for a leading shipping company. Their employees use a shipment tracking system that allows tracking a parcel based on a barcode on a shipping label.

The task was to simplify the images search process and reduce the number of steps performed by a user from 4 to 2. 

Previously, all these steps were executed in the clients part of the system. We have reduced the number of steps, moved them to the server part and redesigned both, user interface and server part.

Furthermore, user interface was moved from Air (Adobe Flash) to HTML/JavaScript.

Additional tasks for the system improvement:

  • To process images search requests by the http-protocol, a new server on Tomcat was created instead of Red5.
  • To ensure system compatibility with cameras of different manufacturers, an application was developed. It converts data received from cameras into a single format XML.
  • To improve system performance and reduce network load, a service for cache was developed. It allows storing and quickly accessing packages snapshots in the file system or in the Mongo DB.


The developer had to work with the source code without documentation and configured connectivity of 4 system servers.

Platform: J2EE
Programming languages: Java, HTML5, JavаScript, JQuery, Sencha Ext JS
Frameworks: Spring, Camel, Apache MINA (ftp)
Data bases: MySQL, MonogoDB
OS: Ubuntu 14.04, Centos 6.4, Windows 8




Web development