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LeClick is a CRM system for restaurants which runs on Windows 8 tablets.
The application was created for a company offering an online booking service and software solutions for restaurant business.

LeClick allows an administrator to manage restaurant booking online, store customers profiles, synchronize with online booking service and mobile app for customers via REST API.

Application features:

  • Tables. Displays tables status at any selected time.
  • Booking history. Displays restaurant bookings on a selected date and filters them by a keyword, restaurant hall and status.
  • Guests book. Allows creating/viewing/editing customers profiles.
  • Halls. Allows adding/removing halls and building tables layouts.
  • Restaurants. Allows editing a restaurant profile which is displayed on the online booking service. Provides a booking widget code for a certain restaurant's website.
  • Notifications. Displays new reservations from the online booking service, mobile app and reservations, status of which was changed automatically.
  • Inbound call. When an administrator receives an inbound call from a customer, who is already registered in the CRM, the app displays their photo, name and phone number.

Platform: .Net
Solution: WinRT app
Programming languages: C#
Frameworks:  .Net

Libraries: Autofac, SQLite.net
Data bases: SQLite
OS: Windows 8




Mobile Apps Development
UX/UI Design
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