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Together with a company that develops Data Science solutions, the Soft Industry team took part in the implementation of a decision support system.

The system is developed for manufacturing and logistics companies , but can also be used in other spheres of economy, as it allows building and analyzing complex business models.

  • The assets directory allows building and  displaying enterprise assets hierarchy.
  • A set of modelling tools allows creating models of chemical processes, discrete events and economic flows.
  • The "What if..." scenarios generator helps to study models behavior with multiple input parameters.
  • A set of tools for data analysis allows user to apply historical and current data for  predictive modelling.
  • The reporting and graphics tools visualize analytical data, displaying it in the form of graphs.

Platform: .Net
Frameworks: .Net 4.5, ASP.NET MVC 4, Telerik Kendo UI, VS2013, GoJS, Nunit 2.6.3
OS: MSMQ, MS SQL Server 2012




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