Sales promotion System

A service to create interactive presentations of different products with the help of mobile devices.


OArm is software for medical tomography developed specially for manufacturers of high-end medical equipment.


A simple and convenient application for coffee lovers. Detailed information on coffee varieties and flavors compiled into an interactive encyclopedia.


The solution processes huge amounts of input data from various channels in different formats, structures them using selected algorithms, generates reports and displays info for end users.

Delivery Service

Application to search for and request a courier, and payment for delivery services.


The platform is used for analysis and comparison of CVs and vacancies. Specialized algorithms of linguistic analysis are used to put CVs and vacancies in a template form. An ideal tool for routine HR work.

Smart Insight

A system for the creation and analysis of complex business models and decision making; modeling of chemical processes, discrete events, economic fluxes are also supported. Automated data analysis, display of results in graphic form.


An effective tool for sales department, a full-fledged reference book of a company’s experience and resources. A package solution for cataloging of different data types.


A system for the control of industrial processes and the automation of industrial quality control.

City Guide

Interactive city handbook containing main sights and all the services necessary for a tourist.