Alviss WEB SERVICE FOR DATA STORAGE AND MANAGEMENT MANUFACTURING Scroll down PROJECT DESCRIPTION An effective tool for sales department, a full-fledged reference book of a company’s experience and resources. A package solution for cataloging of different data types. BUSINESS GOAL Organization of company information. Convenient information search of different categories (staff members, technologies, projects etc.). […]


RDT600 DATA VISUALIZATION SYSTEM FROM TECHNOLOGICAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING Scroll down PROJECT DESCRIPTION Allows to monitor the state of equipment in real time from all areas of production environment. BUSINESS GOAL Data collection from equipment sensors during adjustment, operation, and maintenance. Maintain equipment in operable condition, prevent accidents and emergencies. Issue products according to schedule. FEATURES […]


Magnifier PLATFORM FOR LINGUISTIC ANALYSIS BASED ON AI MANUFACTURING Scroll down PROJECT DESCRIPTION The platform is used for analysis and comparison of CVs and vacancies. Specialized algorithms of linguistic analysis are used to put CVs and vacancies in a template form. An ideal tool for routine HR work. BUSINESS GOAL Data comparison using AI groundwork. […]

Advanced business organizer

Off-the-shelf vs Custom Software

Advanced business organizer DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM MANUFACTURING Scroll down PROJECT DESCRIPTION “Corporate action cross business inteligence” is a platform for decision making by shareholders. It allows stakeholders and placement owners to respond fast to market events and give brokers their decisions on share buying and selling. BUSINESS GOAL Creation of a tool for fast response […]

Smart Insight

Smart Insight DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM MANUFACTURING Scroll down PROJECT DESCRIPTION A system for the creation and analysis of complex business models and decision making; modeling of chemical processes, discrete events, economic fluxes are also supported. Automated data analysis, display of results in graphic form. BUSINESS GOAL Possibility to model complex processes (chemical reactions, business processes […]

Manufacturing Execution System

MANUFACTURING EXECUTION SYSTEM Manufacturing Execution System and Laboratory Information Management System development ERPMANUFACTURINGSAP Scroll down PROJECT DESCRIPTION MES and LIMS system were created for the tobacco factory, which is part of the international company included in the Global TOP 3.  The system is implemented and used at all stages of the production cycle, from the […]