GeoApteka DISTRIBUTION MONITORING AND ACCOUNTING SYSTEM HEALTHCARE Scroll down PROJECT DESCRIPTION A web service providing detailed information on pharmaceutical goods and services in chemist’s shops/pharmacies near a user.This is an ideal example of IT-technologies introduction into pharmacy and medicine. BUSINESS GOAL Increase in sales and customer loyalty for involved partners. Engagement of chemist’s shops/pharmacies and […]

Track Your Body

Track Your Body APPLICATION FOR MONITORING HEALTH PARAMETERS AND BODY WEIGHT HEALTHCARE Scroll down PROJECT DESCRIPTION Track Your Body is a convenient application for athletes and for anybody who monitors their health and wants to stay in shape. It can store and track such parameters as temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, weight, height, […]


OArm SOFTWARE FOR MEDICAL EQUIPMENT HEALTHCARE Scroll down PROJECT DESCRIPTION OArm is software for medical tomography developed specially for manufacturers of high-end medical equipment. BUSINESS GOAL Creation of a unified system for functionally-independent tomography hardware components. Development of program module structure, integration of tomography hardware and software components in a unified system. Simplification of procedure […]