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On February 24, the whole of Ukraine faced the aggressive attack of Russian forces. There appeared a risk to life; due to the shelling and occupation, a lot of people were wounded, killed, left homeless, and experienced all the horrors of war.

Chernihiv particularly was extremely brutally shelled and because of that it received the award title the “City hero”. According to the mayor, 70% of the city’s buildings were destroyed as a result of the shelling.

Thus, there was a great threat to the lives of Soft Industry Alliance employees as well as of many other people who found themselves in an area of severe fights.

Being aware of all the threats and responsibilities to employees and customers, the Soft Industry Alliance management made all possible efforts to change the situation and enable employees to continue their work in a safe place.

Special measures were taken, each case was considered individually, and a lot of organizational activities were done to evacuate people to safety.

All the employees of the company being relocated to safe places, now continue their work and complete the tasks they face.

Thus, the company has fully retained its working team and is ready to perform its duties to existing and future customers.

We created an anti-crisis center(ACC), which develops effective measures to make the company safe and sustainable in the lifetime of war.

We already have plenty of results we want to share with you tomorrow.

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