In just a few months, from November 4 to 7, the attention of the entire IT world will be focused on the westernmost European capital—Lisbon—the Altice Arena and the Lisbon International Fair (FIL) where the largest IT event of the year will be held.

Lisbon is hosting Web Summit 2019 – the largest technology conference in Europe and incredible cosmopolitan networking where 70,000+ guests from 170+ countries are expected this year.

The Soft Industry team will be there too. It will be our first experience at Web Summit.

To book a meeting in Lisbon, follow the link and select an available time.

In the meantime, as we are actively preparing, exploring the inner workings of the upcoming event and our colleagues’ lifehacks, we will share brief information for those who are thinking about going to the conference this year or next.

What Is Web Summit?

The first Web Summit was held in 2009 in Dublin. Its organizers are Irish entrepreneurs Paddy Cosgrave, David Kelly and Dire Hickey.

In the first 6 years, the summit grew from 200 to 50,000 participants and evolved from a local meeting of the Irish technology community into one of the most prestigious IT conferences in the world.

The Web Summit is a global place for meeting startup owners, investors, entrepreneurs, IT and related professionals, market leaders and ambitious guys who just begin.

There you can meet the founders and management of the companies that are changing the world: Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Uber, Booking, PayPal, Quora, etc.

There are many famous personalities among the speakers of the conference: over these years, among them were Elon Musk (founder of Tesla, SpaceX, etc.), Stephen Hawking (world-famous physicist and cosmologist), Jack Dorsey (founder of Twitter), Peter Thiel (founder of PayPal), Francois Hollande (former president of France), Bono (musician, frontman of U2), and Vladimir Klitschko (famous boxer).

In order to provide the necessary infrastructure the conference moved from Dublin to Lisbon and the Altice Arena exhibition center in 2015, and this year the summit added the nearby FIL exhibition complex as well.

Just imagine how large the event is expected to be if registration for the event starts upon arrival at the Lisbon airport! For a week, Lisbon and its environs get filled with tens of thousands of conference guests.

The scope of the summit is overwhelming! In order to not get lost, to seize time effectively, and to make a schedule for ourselves we have already downloaded the official Web Summit application. It has a complete program guide, the database of participants and many other useful functions including a chat feature.

Why Visit?

Web Summit is an opportunity to be in the midst of the world of technology and to see live performances by market leaders, this being the meeting place for startups and investors. At the same time, many experienced participants say that it’s not the place to sell your product directly. The main reason to go there is considered networking, finding contacts, market research, and communication.

Although we have never participated, we would like to share our own goals:

Another reason Web Summit is even more attractive is Lisbon itself. This charismatic city by the ocean loved for its ancient architecture, picturesque streets, viewing platforms with spectacular views, excellent seafood restaurants, and for a laid-back, friendly atmosphere is the perfect setting to be engaged with the industry and to relax during your free time.

Who Needs to Be There?

Which participants of a team are recommended to visit Web Summit:

At the same time, the Web Summit conference may be interesting to everyone who is involved in the technology world, who wants to be on the cutting edge and to think one step ahead. For example: Marketing specialists can speak personally with the authors of well-known blogs and content projects. Developers have the opportunity to better understand the market and gain experience.

What Types of Activities Are There at Web Summit?

Web Summit is a gigantic gathering for everyone who is in IT, or geeks, as the organizers say. There are many activities for participants:

We look forward to meeting you at Web Summit 2019!

After returning, we will write about our own experiences, achievements, insights, and impressions.

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