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A mobile app for taxi service – search, booking, and payment

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A mobile service for taxi search, calling and payment in the form of applications for drivers and passengers.

Taxi Service

Business goal

  • One-click taxi calling instead of phone calls
  • Maximal simplification of taxi search, calling and payment with the help of a multifunctional mobile application
  • Fostering customer loyality by way of a convenient application


  • Integration with Google and Yandex maps enables passengers to see the nearest taxis and choose a car with account of traffic jams
  • Payment options –  a possibility to pay with a credit card or cash
  • Passengers have access to drivers rating, their drive history and can refuse a taxi if it is not necessary anymore
  • A flexible system of bonuses distribution for drivers and passengers


  • Increase of the service income by 40% owing to repeated taxi calls by new application customers
  • An available channel for advertising, sales and offers of the service
  • A convenient way of communication with customers base because of the available statistics about rides and preferences

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