Data visualization system from technological equipment


Allows to monitor the state of equipment in real time from all areas of production environment.


Business goal

  • Data collection from equipment sensors during adjustment, operation, and maintenance
  • Maintain equipment in operable condition, prevent accidents and emergencies
  • Issue products according to schedule


  • Data visualization in the form of tables and schedules for each separate system and for an enterprise as a whole
  • The system maintains a multilevel structure of business organization
  • Introduction of bar-code and QR-code scanners, cameras, and sensors for object identification
  • High efficiency, a possibility to connect up to 100 SSD to a central server via local area network
  • Automatic control of the data reading rate of systems and their separate components for optimization of load on server


  • Automated data processing increases enterprise efficiency
  • Non-stop production process
  • Timely prevention of defects
  • Reduction of load on personnel

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