Parcel tracker

Intellectual monitoring and control system based on neural networks

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Automatic definition of parcels dimensions and reading of address information by one video camera on a conveyor. Calculation of delivery cost according to the collected data for sending to an addressee.

Parcel tracker

Business goal

  • Automation of work of a dominant company in the field of express-transfer
  • Enhance accuracy of delivery cost calculation
  • decrease the impact of human factor in the process of parcels delivery to the maximum extent
  • The system’s great learnability


  • User-friendly design
  • Analysis of parcels’ parameters on the basis of conveyor camera photos.
  • Compatibility of tracking system with cameras of different manufacturers.
  • Usage of cache-memory for storage of parcels photos and quick access to them.


  • Search of the necessary information in two actions.
  • Speeded system response and less load on an enterprise infrastructure.
  • Speeded processing of information on shipments.
  • User-friendly design of the system allows to put it into operation fast
  • Optimized algorithms of delivery cost calculation for outsized shipments (lower error rate, profit growth approximately by 10%)

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