Platform for linguistic analysis based on AI


The platform is used for analysis and comparison of CVs and vacancies. Specialized algorithms of linguistic analysis are used to put CVs and vacancies in a template form. An ideal tool for routine HR work.


Business goal

  • Data comparison using AI groundwork
  • Faster processing of CVs
  • Automated analysis of CVs correspondence to vacancies
  • Possibility to perform market surveys based on the available resources


  • Support for hundreds of English language dialects
  • Develop or select appropriate algorithms for linguistic/semantic analysis
  • Simplicity and ease of usage
  • Online monitoring of daily changes
  • Built-in mechanisms for platform integration into an individual business solution (CRM/ERP)


  • Optimization and increase of efficiency of HR department work for average and big companies
  • Faster search and selection of employees for openings
  • High-quality, structured data output for targeted matching and analysis

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