Mobile application and online-encyclopedia of coffee


A simple and convenient application for coffee lovers. A detailed information on coffee varieties and flavors is gathered in an interactive encyclopedia.


Business goal

  • An opportunity for customers to look through products assortment offered by different shops
  • Creation of an application-encyclopedia “Everything about coffee“, where a user can see a detailed coffee tasting chart and have a full presentation about a chosen coffee, for example, description of flavor, origin, beans size, roast degree, preparation method.


  • A possibility of the application rebranding and additional tools are envisioned upon request
  • Convenient interface and pleasant design
  • Possibility to share information about coffee and vendors in social networks
  • Choice of coffee with a possibility to find the nearest salespoint due to integration with Google analytics and maps


  • The app allowed to conclude contracts and start cooperation with coffee distributors and growers
  • Optimized process of work with clients and feedbacks
  • The app can be developed for another product type (tea, tobacco, wine etc.)

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