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Track Your Body

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Track Your Body is a user-friendly app for sportsmen and people, who lead a healthy lifestyle and want to monitor their health. 
It allows recording and storing the main health parameters, such as temperature, pressure, pulse, blood sugar, weight, height, body mass index, as well as monitoring their daily changes in graphs. 

Users can also keep basic laboratory test results (blood and urine) and take notes of their health. The application can be also used to track body fitness. A user specifies current and desirable weight and sets time to reach the goal. The Track Your Body app will keep track of the progress showing total weight loss/gain, daily weight loss/gain and the time to reaching the goal.  

Track your body

Project Features

  • Integration with HealthKit  
  • Input of basic health parameters
  • Deviations alerts
  • Parameters dynamic graphs
  • Setting goals for weight gain or loss
  • Integration with  the calendar
  • Notes creation
  • Measure units conversion
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface




Mobile Apps Development
UX/UI Design
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