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Alvíss is a web service that is used to collect and store information about a company, its employees, technologies they use, completed or current projects.

User can add, edit, save, delete and view, according to their access rights, data about:

  • company structure (departments and their employees);
  • employees ( their education, technical skills, participation in projects, positions in chronological order);
  • projects with details about stages and work performed by each participant;
  • customers and their contacts;
  • technologies of projects, departments, employees.

Keeping all the information in the database, the system allows searching for employees by technology and roles; projects by statuses, technologies, participants; technologies by business areas, etc. Thus, it is possible to quickly obtain information about experience and expertise of a company and its employees, and quickly select executers with the necessary skills for each project.

Also Alvíss allows generating web and pdf. versions of resumes.

Technical features of the service:

  • possibility of adding and displaying information in several languages;
  • division of access rights to the service data, depending on a role of a user;
  • сode intended for maximum reuse and display of related entities in the interface;
  • support for referential integrity of the database.

The main difficulty during the development of this project was the implementation of a flexible system for setting access rights at the level of tables, fields and separate records. To do this we used the capabilities of the Yii framework to maximum, and added the original functionality.

Platform: Web

OS: cross-platform

Programming languages: PHP, JavaScript

Frameworks / Libraries: Yii 2, Bootstrap, mPDF

Technologies: AJAX

Tools: Git, NetBeans, MySQL Workbench


  • 1 PHP Developer
  • 1 Manual Tester
  • 1 PM
  • 1 BA




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