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Fashion Fellows

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Our client is a startup entrepreneur from Hamburg.

They found an alternative approach to fast fashion, which allows women to stay stylish and decrease waste on the planet at the same time, and addressed us with the idea to create a mobile app – virtual common closet to swap things.

It works as follows:

  • Lady uploads a picture of an item she wants to share within a community from a smartphone, adds a description, sets a price in virtual currency and picks up location.
  • Users can search for the desired items by categories, follow other users to get a notification every time they upload something new to the community and buy selected items.

Our team implemented mobile app and designed backend to support images storage, user chat, admin console and process operations with virtual currency.


  1. Due to limitation on the project budget we analyzed app features priority and came up with a solution suitable for users and fitting into the budget.
  2. Due to App Store submission requirements we had to implement some additional features within the initial project timeline. So we added a possibility of complaining about content posted by users, added user registration via e-mail option.

Platform: iOS, Linux, Google Cloud

Programming languages: Java, Objective-C

Frameworks: Grails Framework 2.4.5, Jersey, JAX-RS, Spring Security, CoreData, CoreLocation, Crashlytics, StoreKit, GoogleMaps, FacebookSDK, GoogleAnalytics

Data bases: MySQL




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