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Project complexity
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This complex solution monitors and analyzes multi-protocol environments of network operators to ensure good customer experience, detect and quickly solve possible problems.   

Multi-protocol environment analysis includes: 

  • VoIP (Call & Media)  
  • SS7 (ISUP)  
  • Mobile Broadband (CDMA)  
  • Mobile Broadband (LTE)  
  • Mobile Broadband (UTMS)  
  • Mobile Voice (UTMS) 

Project Challenges

During the project implementation our team faced multiple tasks, among which there were effective system interaction with the client's software, reports creation and messages decoding. As a result, we:

  • developed custom API for a flawless interaction, added channel stability algorithms and filters for data selection and transfer in the Real Time and History modes;
  • implemented a new logic for the reports generation, using Java and JS, analyzed and extended the database structure, as well as added aggregations on the server side;
  • created the S102 Wireshark dissector (CDMA) with the GCSNA and GCSNA1xCircuitService messages decoding.




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