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SaleSnooper is an iOS application, that allows receiving information about promotional offers and discounts in the nearby locations.
SaleSnooper is a client-server application that informs users about all discounts and offers in the nearby area. The key idea is to deliver ad notifications to the user's mobile device, when he walks or drives near such shops, stores or companies. As the location is constantly updated, all promotional offers are available within 50 m - 1.5 km radius.

SaleSnooper consists of a mobile application and a server part.

There is a built-in GPS navigation module in the application and all coordinates are transferred to the server. According to the received data, search is performed and a notification is sent to a user. The message may contain audio, video, flash and picture ads. A user may fill in his/her personal profile to receive customized offers, save them to ''Favorite'' and ''Archive'' folders. Moreover, the notification may contain a link to a website where a user can make an order or buy an item he liked.

Project Challenges

Working on the application development, we have faced the performance problem, caused by frequent requests to the backed each time when user's coordinates changed and a problem of untimely coordinates transmission from the application to the server. To reduce the amount of requests to the server, we have changed data transfer algorithm and implemented data cache in the application. Now, data search is performed only when user's coordinates change more than within the predefined radius of 1,5 km. Otherwise, advertising data are cached in the application and no requests are sent to the server.


  • Detection of the user's location by GPS navigation module.
  • Targeted ads according to the user's profile information.
  • Ads Format: Video, Text, Flash, Image, Sound.
  • Ads Management: storing and sorting by  folders.
  • Active links in ads notifications to lead user to an advertiser's website.




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