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This web-service was designed for a company, specializing in the information systematization for medical products, as well as IT implementation in the medicine and pharmacy spheres. 

Geoapteka is a web-service that allows searching for medicines, viewing prices and up-to-date information about their availability in the nearby locations.

GeoApteka was developed to cover the interests of users, pharmacies and customer:  

  •  users can browse necessary medicines and buy them at an affordable price in nearby pharmacies;
  •  pharmacies can increase sales and customers' loyalty;
  •  customers can reach pharmacies for mutually beneficial cooperation.

 Operation Concept

1. All information about medicines availability, prices and sales terms is available on the website for all users 24/7 without any limitations. 

2. The application automatically detects users' location or they can set it up manually. 

3. Once the search query is entered, the application starts to search for necessary medicine.

4. Users can also filter search results by additional criteria, like medicine's pharmaceutical form (pills, ampules), drug loading, package amount and manufacturer. 

5. The system shows 5 nearby pharmacies, where this medicine can be bought. It also: 

  •  displays pharmacy's name, address and phone number, medicines' title and price;
  •  offers users an opportunity to make a direct call to the selected drug-store in the application;
  •  calculates and shows the time it will take to get there on foot or by car.

Technical Features:

1. Applying the Yii-framework, allowed implementing the code reuse concept and considerably reducing the development cycle.

2. Detection of user's location was implemented by means of Yandex.Maps and HTML5.

3. Since the external API is applied for the information search, the application almost doesn't use its own database. 

4. The AJAX + jQuery technology ensured dynamic data load, providing high application performance and better user-experience with the application.

5. Adaptive design along with Twitter Bootstrap appliance, allowed avoiding mobile website version development or implementation of a separate mobile app, which considerably cut down the project budget.

6. The internal SEO campaign was held for better website promotion and ranking across different search engines (a map of the proposed drugs, SEO texts upload, user's manual, internal linking, etc.)

Project Challenges

Since the initial project requirements constantly changed, new ideas and solutions for their implementation appeared, our team showed a great deal of flexibility, and despite all challenges, managed to keep on the project schedule.  

Platform: PHP
Programming languages: PHP, JavaScript, HTML5
Frameworks: Yii Framework, jQuery, Bootstrap
Technologies: Yandex Maps API, Morion API




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