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This desktop sharing tool allows capturing and sharing a desktop, chosen windows and applications with remote users during online meetings viа a web conferencing solution.

It works as follows: 

  •  Content capture
  •  Data packing and streaming with the help of VideoScreen codec
  •  Further publication on the FMS / RED5 Adobe media servers.

Project Features

  • Desktop, window and application capture modes
  • Captured desktop content is displayed to remote users in the form of a picture
  • Ability to grant a permission for remote control over the local user's applications
  • Opportunity to choose single or multiple applications and windows for capture and sharing
  • Compatibility with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • Direct connection and publication on the FMS / RED5 Adobe media servers
  • Integration with a web conferencing solution 
  • Mouse and keyboard events input into the system via native functions of each platform
  • VideoScreen codec is used for captured data packing and streaming 
  • Sending video to Adobe Flash Media Server directly via the Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) in the Action Message Format (AMF).

Platfrom: C++
Programming language: C++,  Qt
OS: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
Protocols: RTMP, AMF
Technologies: FMS / RED5 Adobe




Web development