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Drivers for the Bluetooth keyboard

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The project goal was to develop software which allows Bluetooth accessories to run on the different and constantly changing mobile operating systems used by the leading brands of mobile phones. 

Project Features 

  • English, German and Korean languages support   
  • Compatibility with Windows Mobile, Symbian and Blackberry   
  • Ability to add up to 12 custom shortcuts  
  • Implementation of scalable user interface 

While developing the project, our team has emulated the standard mobile keyboard buttons pressing and gained practical experience working with:   

  • Standard OS shortcuts  
  • Customizable shortcuts for third party applications 
  • Microsoft and Broadcom Bluetooth stack 
  • Bluetooth devices (connect/disconnect, receive/send data).  
  • SPP and HID modes. 

Project Challenges 

To reach the project goal, a software  that consists of a driver for mobile QWERTY-keyboards and an application for its customization was developed.

Since the QWERTY-keyboards have a set of specific shortcuts that give better control over the mobile device (Contacts List, Calculator, Main Menu, Dial, Hang Up, etc.), the application allows to customize these standard shortcuts for more convenient text input and to add up to 12 custom shortcuts. 




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