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Medical technology company contacted us for help with its expensive complex surgical navigation equipment which software had a lot of significant shortcomings requiring fixing.

The project goal was to enhance the existing software, improve the source code structure, system's reliability, simplify the software installation and update. 

Hardware consists of two functionally unrelated modules. One is used to take pictures and another converts these pictures into a full 3D-reconstruction of the anatomical structures, which is later displayed on a 30'' high-resolution screen .  

Additional Features

  • Zooming  
  • Switching from 2D to 3D mode 
  • Scans printing  

Project Challenges  

While working on the project, the following challenges were defined:  

  1. Usage of a single program for two functionally unrelated hardware components  

  2. Inconsistent software modules structure  

  3. Inability to test individual software modules   

  4. Complicated procedure of the new features implementation, software installation and update.  

To overcome them we:  

  • Analyzed current software structure 
  • Improved its architecture
  • Reconstructed the initial source code 
  • Detected and divided common modules for each hardware component
  • Implemented a procedure for centralized deployment
  • Removed all elements, related to the software installation from the initial source code 
  • Developed separate installer program. 

Since the redesigned software required testing and the equipment was in the USA, two computers were used to imitate the tomograph hardware parts for the remote software testing, during which we have checked the software compliance with stated requirements, worked out network connection and hardware response failures.

All these allowed to milder possible difficulties during the software installation and update, improve system's reliability and performance.




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