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Quality Information System X-version (QisX) is a production management system for British American Tobacco Ukraine. 

It is a manufacturing execution system that synchronizes, coordinates and analyses the cigarettes production process. QisX сovers operations of three factory structure units: tobacco workshop, cigarette workshop and quality control department.

Functional Peculiarities

  • Visualization of physical, chemical and visual cigarettes quality parameters.
  • Calculation and visualizion of quality indexes.
  • Control of the movement of raw materials and fixing tobacco humidity at different production stages.
  • Control of the equipment performance.
  • Management of the ready products specifications.
  • Display of the work orders information.
  • Integration with the existing SAP system. 

QisX also supports a multi-level system of user access and a reports customization option. 

Technical Features

  • Data collection from the measuring equipment   
  • Ability to connect to additional equipment without  any considerable changes to the system   
  • Integration with other systems:    
    • SAP - an enterprise management software   
    • Scada - a system that monitors, measures, collects, processes and displays data in real time   
    • Barcoding - an accounting system of ready goods  
  • Configuration of the algorithm that calculates quality indexes and allows customizing or adding new business rules without any changes to the system. 


To solve a complex task of the production process automation, our specialists visited the factory and studied the subject domain. 

Our team continues to cooperate with British American Tobacco Ukraine, providing technical support and further QisX enhancement. 




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