You can stumble across the term «Proof of Concept» (PoC) in different business fields. Businessmen, managers, and scientists actively discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the PoC approach. In the IT industry, companies and innovators assure that PoC facilitates solving problematic issues when creating a product. However, it is vital to understand what kind of service it is, and where and when its use is appropriate and necessary.

What is  PoC?

Proof of Concept is a general term for a demonstration of evidence that verifies that a design concept is feasible and has practical potential. In other words, it is a way to check whether your idea really works.

Since a new product’s development based on new technologies can be risky and troublesome, PoC becomes a helpful tool to save your time and money.

Furthermore, PoC is the first step in the actual technical realization of your idea. It shows that the project can be implemented and therefore lies between the design phase and the main  development phase. It also serves as a starting point for the development of the whole project. The PoC procedure also helps to identify a number of potential pitfalls and disadvantages and avoid them during the implementation. Based on this research you can create an accurate estimate and representation of the project. Confirmation of the concept does not cover the entire system; it is focused on its specific part. Users may not be even able to see it, as PoC is mostly used inside of the company to define ways of project improvement.

When do you need to use Proof of Concept?

At first sight, the description of Proof of Concept can seem so vague that it is commonly misinterpreted.

A distinctive feature of PoC is the fact that proof of concept, by definition, deals with unusual, previously unobserved situations, as well as new and innovative ideas. Hence, the “output” solution in PoC is different each time; there is no template.

Besides, if you need to know whether the desired technical result is achievable in an attempt to create an optimized, cheaper version of something made elsewhere with a larger investment, then the PoC service will be more than beneficial. Whatever the reason for your doubts, PoC is meant to resolve them. Either it becomes clear that your project is viable and relevant for the market, or that it is time to look for plan B.

Terms for PoC procedure

Since Proof of Concept is an advanced demonstration and reflects a real scenario it does not involve a complete implementation, which means that it can be conducted quickly. Timelines last up to 2 months.

PoC by Soft Industry Alliance – from an idea to a complete product

You can only judge how good your idea works after you make it a reality. No matter how brilliant, these are just thoughts until they find a “way out” into the real world. Often due to doubts and possible difficulties during the implementation of your idea, projects may lack resources, vision, or a constructive solution. What if you do not need to wait and can get professional help from the very beginning? What if you try to use the PoC approach?

Soft Industry Alliance has been successfully implementing IT projects for 19 years and is ready to share its experience creating PoCs (Proofs of Concept). The main goal is to support innovative ideas.

If you have..

We offer you

Terms of Cooperation

In order to receive help with creating a Proof of Concept, you need to prepare:

Openness and readiness for dialogue in the search for solutions are crucial.

All ideas will be considered. We will choose the best of them, in our opinion, and decide on the possibility of their implementation as part of the Proof of Concept service. Soft Industry may also offer to implement not so innovative ideas such as MVP. For this, you need to contact our Business Development Department (contact information can be found on the site).


Soft Industry Alliance offers assistance that may help you to bring even the most complicated or unusual ideas to reality. So, if your concept is innovative and noteworthy, and you are not afraid and ready to prove it to experts, write or call us immediately. Our knowledge and experience will help you to make an idea a complete product.

Let’s not waste time on problems and assumptions but rather spend it on solutions!

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