We are a group of companies Soft Industry Alliance – IT companies from the famous city of Chernihiv. Our colleagues, many people around the world, and the people of our region are very concerned about how the “occupier” has crippled our city and destroyed the infrastructure. We have formed an initiative aimed to develop and support the IT sector in our region in order to restore the city as soon as possible and return it to full life. 


 IT is the most attractive area for the resuscitation of the economy of the Chernihiv region because it does not require any costs from the state. This business does not create an additional burden on the city’s infrastructure. Now we have restored almost all business processes and connections. We are already working and can continue to work remotely. Therefore, we have a proposal that contributes to the resumption of IT business in Chernihiv and will attract the attention of experts in this field. 


The main condition of our initiative is the reservation of IT specialists from the conscription. We have examples of when local authorities contributed to this: now an IT cluster is being created in Zakarpattia, where the main attractive factor is the guarantee of obtaining a reservation for specialists. 


Therefore, we suggest the administration create the same conditions for employees of IT companies that are already registered and will be registered in Chernihiv. Nothing more is needed. 


Also, we are the initiators and donors of the Foundation for the Restoration of Chernihiv, where all concerned citizens from around the world could transfer funds that will be used to restore the Chernihiv region. 


We are confident that such a decision will help rebuild our region by engaging specialists from other regions, and drawing the attention of the global IT community to our glorious city of Chernihiv. 


We hope that our proposal will be supported in the future by our many colleagues and all concerned.

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