Information Security Management according to the ISO 27001 certification

ISO 27001 certification: benefits for the IT company and its clients

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Protecting information today is not something best left to chance, but rather a necessity. This applies not only to the organizations that have increased risks in the course of their activities, such as IT companies, but also to the end users. After all, the client must be sure that there is no possibility of a data leak throughout the ordering and development of a specific product, and particularly, that the information provided to the developer is effectively protected.

Security Management: Pitfalls

The organization of the security system at companies is a rather laborious process, which is explained by the presence of intellectual property in addition to tangible assets. Therefore, physical measures such as the installation of safes, video surveillance, and access control systems are not enough. Virtual assets (intellectual property, customer databases, data archives) require great efforts to protect them. Financial statements, transactions, and personal data of employees are also stored electronically. This complicates the task of ensuring the information security of companies, and makes the implementation of measures in accordance with modern, accepted standards vital.

Implementation of ISO 27001 prevents possible threats of cyber-attacks and ensures reliable data protection. Today, ISO 27001 is the internationally recognized standard of quality for an Information Security Management System (ISMS). ISO 27001 is universal which allows to integrate it with other standards (for example, ISO 9001). Quality control with emphasis on information security provides a synergetic effect, bringing the company to the next level.

Benefits of the implementation of ISO 27001 for a client

The presence of a “live” Information Security Management System (ISMS), backed by the ISO 27001 certificate, allows Soft Industry Alliance to guarantee our partners and customers:

  • Reliability. Involving certified specialists on projects speaks to the competence of the team. Based on the needs of the customer, we take into account the specifics of the professional sphere (competition in the industry, market requirements, and particularities of legislation and regulations).
  • No data breaches. In the process of order execution, information will be reliably protected from third-party resources and individuals.
  • High standards. The company’s certification allows us to be in full compliance with generally-accepted international standards. Understanding the heightened degree of responsibility, we ensure the highest quality of the services provided. Software delivery times are respected.
  • Project support. The product development process takes place in an enhanced security environment with continuing support at all stages of implementation and operation.

Benefits of the implementation of ISO 27001 for the company

Having passed a multi-level audit of ISMS by the leading expert in the domestic market, Soft Industry Alliance proved that it is on par with the leading national and international IT companies. This was preceded by:

  • Establishing standardization processes for document management systems;
  • Monitoring information security risks and introducing methods to eliminate them;
  • Ensuring the physical security of existing equipment;
  • Long-term planning of internal processes at the company;
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of business processes;
  • Improvement of the management system;
  • Professional development of each employee.

Obtaining the ISO 27001 certificate shows the company’s commitment to sustainable development, timely adaptation to the global market trends and continuous improvement. The ISO 27001 certification has many advantages:

  • Confidentiality. Data access is open only to authorized persons, developer services, automated systems, etc., which eliminates information disclosure and ensures its integrity.
  • Software product export. The absence of ISO 27001 complicates and often makes it impossible to implement software in developed countries.
  • Minimizing costs. Transaction costs for ensuring the level of security of the company are reduced during certification. This is the result of improved control over capital movements, curtailing security threats, increasing the manageability of the structure, reducing the cost of database restoration.
  • Open to investors. IT products often require the attraction of large investments. Cooperation with banks, investment funds, and insurance companies is more profitable when the company has implemented ISO 27001.
  • State trusted. Normally, only certified market players are allowed to participate in a variety of public procurements, conferences, auctions or tenders.
  • Efficiency. The cumulative effect of the implementation of ISO 27001 contributes to the internal growth of the company, enhancement of its image, and stability for partners and customers.

Lots of work by the company and the same great prospects are behind each received certificate. Working to improve the acquired skills, the company gives itself more difficult tasks in an effort to reach new levels of development. We want to not just meet your requirements but exceed your expectations.

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