Ukrainian IT company Soft Industry has been working in the global market for 20 years, collaborating with companies from different countries and continents. Through the use of technology, we learn and grow by helping our customers to overcome challenges through finding and creating innovative solutions. At the same time, the company’s CEOs have always cared about the social mission of the business at the local level with an eye towards the future and caring for the environment where the company is located.

Soft Industry’s headquarters are located in Chernihiv, and it is the hometown of many members of our team and their families. We would love Chernihiv to become even better for its residents and to attract more tourists as well as talented professionals and investors.

Therefore, the company’s management responded to the request from the Chernihiv City Council’s Department of Culture and Tourism to become partners on a travel project and bring the idea of CheGuide to fruition. We have developed an application that will be useful for tourists and locals, and it will become a highlight of the cultural and touristic side of Chernihiv.

CheGuide Mobile Guide

The project was conceived as a part of the program to popularize the city brand “Chernihiv – the City of Legends”. The app was presented on International Tourism Day.

CheGuide is a free mobile application with which you can go on a tour of Chernihiv on your own. It has text and 2-3 minutes of audio information about the 40 most interesting sights in Chernihiv, which will be interesting to learn about not only for tourists but also for residents. Foreign guests will be able to choose the English version.

With CheGuide, you don’t necessarily need a city guide to get to know and feel the city. You just need to download the application from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, choose the language, get directions and move freely around Chernihiv, exploring everything you like or find interesting. The application also has the ability to scan QR codes installed near the most popular cultural and historical sites of the city.

Download CheGuide app from Google Play

We at Soft Industry were glad to take part in a useful social project and hope users will enjoy the app.

Welcome to Chernihiv!

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