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IT technologies in logistics help optimize costs and processes, giving businesses a competitive edge. Remote process management, automation, and accessibility from mobile devices are becoming essential nowadays.

Having successful experience in the development and implementation of logistics IT solutions, the Soft Industry Alliance team is ready to deliver the world’s best practices for optimizing, automating, and simplifying your business processes.

Our competence in the field of logistics & supply chain:

  • Solutions for the storage systems, asset tracking;
  • Supply chain optimization, timely information throughout the supply chain;
  • Real-time driver monitoring, the ability to quickly adjust plans to road conditions, scheduling;
  • Logistics analytics, modeling, and forecasting;
  • Client-oriented solutions to improve delivery service.

Our solutions in the logistics, supply chains, and transportation industry are not only functional and reliable, but also consider synchronization with the existing IT infrastructure, demonstrating a tangible result for the business.

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